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I grew up with a love of the English language. I was born and raised in San Francisco, where cultural and ethnic diversity was the norm. Growing up in an English-speaking home was something I never took for granted. English was well-exercised in my family due to a rather colorful uncle who loved to argue while he availed himself of my mother’s wonderful cooking. One evening he would argue one side of an issue, and two evenings later he would argue the opposite side – both times, absolutely convincingly. Debate, for me, became a ‘cinch’ or, in today’s vernacular: easy-peasy.

Because of this, I learned early on that English is an open door to the world – and not simply a series of words, strung together, one after the other. Using English effectively throughout my life, speaking, writing, editing, narrating and in my life-coaching practice, became a perfect way to effectively communicate across what would have been cultural barriers. In point of fact, I realized while still quite young that language is culture. 

In my English teaching, I enable the student to enter into the world of English in a way that will make sense, by connecting the learning to those areas of interest specific to each student. Suddenly, the language becomes alive and for any student, once there is a personal link to the language, learning is not far behind. And wow, is it enriching!

Please visit my web page: and contact me at 054-815-6805 or at and we can set up a consultation that will answer all of your questions – at no charge to you – here, in the center of the Sharon.

איב בלאק - כל סוג של תקשורת באנגלית: לימודי אנגלית מדוברת - ועריכה מקצועית ואקדמית

איב בלאק - BSc, MA
תקשורת בשפה האנגלית
אישי, עסקי, מקצועי, אקדמי, דיבור בפני קהל

• אני מלמדת אנגלית מדוברת לאנשי עסקים, מנכ"לים, מקצוענים, אקדמאים וכל אחד אחר המעוניין לשפר את כישורי האנגלית שלו.

• אני נותנת שירותי תקשורת מלאה באנגלית: קריאה, כתיבה, דיבור, דיבור בפני קהל, הגהה ועריכת טקסט.

• אני מכינה את הלקוחות שלי לדבר, לקרוא ולכתוב אנגלית בצורה יעילה ומקצועית ומראה להם כיצד להציג את עצמם ואת החומר הכתוב שלהם באנגלית ללקוחות שלהם, סטודנטים, וחברים.

• אני מציעה שירותי עריכה והגהה של חומר כתוב בשפה האנגלית לאנשי אקדמיה ומקצוע, עבור אתרי אינטרנת מסחריים, ספרים, ודוקטוראטים - כדי לוודא שהאנגלית של הלקוחות שלי נכונה ומבוטאת בצורה מובנת ואלגנטית ביותר. | 054-815-6805 |

Eve Black – BSc, MA
English Language Communication
Personal, Business, Professional, Academic, Public Speaking

• I teach spoken English to professionals, business people, academics and anyone else who wishes to improve his or her skills in English.

• I provide full English language communication services: reading, writing, speaking and public speaking, proofreading and text editing.

• I prepare my clients to speak, read, and write English effectively and professionally and show them how to present themselves and their written material in English to their clients, customers, students, and friends.

• I offer editing and proofreading services in English for academics and professionals, for commercial
websites, books, and doctorates - to make sure that my clients' English is correct and expressed in the
most intelligent, accurate and elegant way. | 054-815-6805 |

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